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Plumbing Backflow

Vital backflow prevention

Backflow prevention keeps your drinking water from being contaminated by waste water - due to a drop in pressure or  a water main break. There are devices and methods to ensure this does not happen to you, and our master plumbers will know what you need. We are backflow certified.


Seal-Tite Plumbing Co. supplies, installs, tests, and repairs all types of backflow prevention systems. We're available to both residential and commercial customers. We have a 30-day warranty on our labor, and parts come with the manufacturer's warranty.

If you have a mechanical device to prevent backflow, as opposed to the air gap system, it needs to be tested annually. It has internal seals, a spring, and moving parts that can wear out and break. Prevention devices need to be tested with calibrated gauge equipment.

Backflow device testing

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